Sunday, August 3, 2014

Specter Inspector

Here's a short story im going to storyboard out. Hopefully include in my portfolio by the end of this week. It's called Specter Inspector, no relation to Mario Party. It has a bunch of typos, just a first draft.

So in the living room of a quiet house of a quiet neighborhood, plays a young boy with some dinosaurs. The doorbell rings, and he's startled. Nobody usually comes around the house this time of day. He creeps around, and peeks through the window. He sees a tall man, but is unable to see his face. The boy's mother comes up behind him, pats him on his head, and opens the door. "Hello! My name is PT Fitsgerald. I've heard that there has been an increase in malicious paranormal activity in your neighborhood." The mother nods, "it started when they began to move the cementary…" PT flips a card out of nowhere, and hands it to the mother, "Well, consider yourself in luck, I'm a roaming Spectre Inspector, busting ghosts and spirits all up and down the river. " PT looks down and sees the boy peek behind the mother's skirt. He smiles a kind smile, but the mother waves him back, and scornfully looks at him. "I'm sorry, but we don’t need any of your services." He looks back up, displeased, but waves his hat from his face, and says "Very well, thank you for hearing me out. If you ever change your mind, just call my number on my card." He turns, and walks away. The mother watches as he leaves the yard, closing the door behind him, and pulling out a notebook, and writing in it. She shuts the door, and tosses the card. "Do you think he's the real deal?" "No more talk about him, he's gone. We can figure this out ourselves." She grabs his hand, "Come on, lets finish up dinner." He smiles, and follows her to the kitchen.

Night falls and a car pulls into the driveway. A man walks out, and dust follows him. He looks filthy and dirty and grunts as he walks up the steps. He opens the door, and walks in. His presence is heavy. His eyes are shallow. He walks up behind the mother. His breathing heavy. And he grabs her and hugs her and swings her around. The father is revealed with a awarm smile on his face. He moves over to the sink, and washes his hands. The wife comes up to him, puts her clean hand on his cheek and kisses her hand. They smile and laugh. The boy wanders in, and the mother's mood changes. She collects herself, and sets the food on the table. The father grabs the mothers hand, and leaves the other hand for the boy. The boy looks up at his father, as his father begins to pray. "Thank you for this food, and please keep our son safe…. Wherever he is." The boy looks up at him, his eyes getting heavy. "but, I'm right here…" The boy reaches for the father's hand, but passes through it. The mother looks at him, with tears in her eyes. She breaks away from the prayer, and runs off. The father, looks at her confused, and she runs off sobbing. He sits at the table, rubbing his temples.

The boy looks down, and begins to remember. He ran away. And got lost. He sat in the forest crying, and his mother heard him. But she noticed something. His body off to the side. She grabs the boys hand and they walk away. He jumps off his seat, and runs out of the house. To his father it seems like a violent storm. He runs out, and across the street, a car comes to hit him, but passes through him.  He stumbles to the other side, and falls down. He picks himself up, and goes to a bench outside the cementary. His sobs and the rain get mixed, and we cant tell if he is crying. The Spector Inspector comes out, and holds the umbrella over his head. "Hello again. Isn't kind of late for a child to be out?" He sits down next to the boy. "You really should go back into your house." Shadows begin to grow out of the graveyard. "It's getting close to the witching hour."
A loud banshee scream is heard, and the boyfeels the horror. The spector inspector pulls out a weird gunlike device, and looks around. "Whatever you do. Don't leave my side" We turn and we see the boy sprinting away. "Wait!" He chases after the boy, who is running through tombstones and mausoleums , as the spector inspector has to run around, up down and all over the place to kep up. His jumps waking up spirits behind him. The banshee swoops behind him, chopping off the heads of the ghosts waking up. The boy is running and running, but hits a tombstone he cant pass through. HE falls on his ass, and we see the banshee catching up with him. The SI jumps inbetween them and shoots the banshee a few times, getting her to retreat.

The boy is scared, as he looks at his own tombstone. He looks down, and begins to sob again. The SI picks him up, and runs away, taking refuge in the church. "Hey, kid I need you to listen. I have a plan, but  you might not like it." The SI pulls out a machete. Cut to the boy, who's head is sticking out of the ground.  The banshee cries and it notices the boy. The banshee charges at the boy, but the boy is pulled down into the ground. The banshee follows, and they end up in the basement of the church, where bodies are embalmed. The banshee looks around the dark, and sees spirit energy everywhere. The lights turn on, and a circle is seen on the ground. The SI completes the circle, and walks the lines. The boy is outside the circle as well.  This is the final fight between the SI and the Banshee. The specter inspector pulls out a medium sized sickle and charges. The banshees swipes, he dodges, and he swings at the banshee, who has her hand chopped off. The banshee screams louder at the SI, causing the ground to shake the the cieleing to crumble a bit. The SI is pushed back from the scream, and collects himself again. He jumps after the banshee who runs away within the circle, and the SI loops a rope around it and pulls it back down. The banshee squirms and wiggles, but the rope creeps around its wrists and legs and ties it to the ground.  The SI stands over it, and cuts off his head. He motions to the boy, who brings a box over, and the SI picks up the head, who is snapping at the SI and the boy and lowers it into the box. The body disintegrates once the box is sealed. He puts the box into his hat, and puts it back on his head. "Good job son. " He says, "You know, you make a great sidekick. " The boy looks up at him and smiles. "I'd have to ask my parents first…." The SI nods, "Ok, lets go." And they walk of into the sunrise.

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