Sunday, February 28, 2016

Actually being productive

So I managed to finish thumbing out Medieval pizza after much procrastination. Tomorrow I will rough everythign out and finish hopefully by tuesday. I definitely need to get things done quicker. I need to head out to the strip tomorrow. We will see if I make it out the front door. Anyways, here are some doodles from today. nothing really finish or completed.
Girl on the right is me examining Kuvshinov Ilya's style. He is so fucking talented. 

Saturday, February 27, 2016

A risky investment

So I bought a cintiq, very expensive investment but maybe it'll be worth it. I do work faster with cintiqs, and on my PC it runs very smooth. I have a TM2T but it would chug under stress if my photoshop files got to large, which would force me to chop them into pieces. But I'm loving the 13HD so far. Pressure is good, pen tilt is nice to have, and a third monitor is a nice bonus. I just need to do my best so I can pay this off and even out on the investment. Then from there keep working.

The price of this tablet though just makes me want to work on it constantly. I'm still trying to figure out a solid work flow, but it'll come. Deadlines are quickly approaching, and I need to finish atleast two storyboard projects I have. I might have to finish Pursuit, it might be worth while to do that on the cintiq. I dont know. Overall:
Also, I need to get to the strip again and draw people and places. I went the other day to Aria and Monte Carlo, but those casinos are super boring to draw and I lost 20 bucks to the slots. But I'll head out again maybe tomorrow, and try to draw the secret gardens at the mirage or go to the shark reef. Shark reef might have the biggest payoff. Or even the flamingos at Mirage. Then also draw more people. Start casino sketches over coffee sketches.

Monday, February 22, 2016

For lack of an update

So work on the nick short is going. I'm basically done with thumbs, just have to refine it. I think I'll make a script for it since I have time now. I thought it was due March 15, but its April 15th, which is a whole nudda month. So I'll go all out with it, and make it legit and shit and get it done a week after the 15th. I did find out about Dreamworks open call for apps on 4 story positions; and I'll try to get atleast 2 things done for that and reform my boards to work with it. I need to go to the strip tomorrow and draw people and places. I might make it a normal daily thing. Spend 2 hours on the strip, maybe a different casino or tourist spot at a time. Gotta get out of the house soon, and it'll give me something to update this blog with.

Anyways, for lack of shit, here's some stuff I was doing, I just lost steam so I'm going to move on to other studies. I gotta research and understand backgrounds some. So I'll break down some tv show or something. Anyways. Here's some lame sketches from models I found from, really awesome model images. Sad they don't update much, I'll need to find one thats still alive.

As for Teatree the Medieval Pizza Delivery Guy:

Thumbs current, trying to figure out how to board the final act. It's pretty straight forward, but I'll have to write up a script to get my thoughts more solidified, especially on the joke side. The gags I need to be more creative. And establish the customers more, so the gags can get the idea across better.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Process. Step one. Brain

So a slight change of plans. I originally created the Knights for nickelodeon's pitch thing, thinking it was an annual thing. I looked it up for 2016 and it's not. So I scrapped that plan and made "Knights" more long term. Then a week ago I found about Nick's Artist program opening from April 1st to March 1st and thought I'd try for that, create a few new board shorts etc. I started boarding the first story and I quickly lost interest in it. Not because it isn't good, but just because it's not fun to work on. Drawing the boards became a chore. Then while I was procrastinating, I discovered that Nick has a Shorts program open, that might be what I was thinking about originally, but whatever. It's already open and I have 24 days (End date April 15), about 3 weeks to get a pitch in. I'm not going to be working 3 weeks on it, cause I need to also make a solid portfolio for the Nick Artist Program. And I also don't want to release Knights just yet. Even so, the current script I have on it is still 8 minutes long, this short is supposed to be 2-3 minutes.

So I'm going to make a spinoff of it. I know, a spinoff of something that doesnt even exist yet? But yeah, gonna focus on a secondary character who I have no idea what to do for. I just made him in a doodle, and it dawned on me, he'd do a good short. And his short will help craft my world that I'm trying to build for "Knights" a little better. This has no action, as the character isnt a fighter. He just delivers pizza. He is also a centaur. Introducing Ethan the Medieval Pizza Delivery Manhorse.
Fairly simple concept. He gets his orders, goes out to delivers them, last delivery is in a dungeon and he has to go through the whole thing. Returns back to work, and more deliveries. End. 3 minutes. Short. Simple. And all about world building and focus on showing the main character.

I'm not completely sold on the name Ethan. I'll probably change it to something more.... majestic, like Soy. Or Tofu. or Teatree. Maybe Teatree, and he goes by T. See! Brainstorm.

So yea, feel free to let me know what you think about the idea. I'll have a newer update and probably thumbs tomorrow.

Friday, February 19, 2016

low on moto

Motivation has been low lately, but I'm going to try to get a good portfolio together for Nicks Artist Program. I really want it, but I can't seem to get myself to do any work. Here's not much of an update, just random doodles and sketches. I'll have a whole storyboard to post soon. Then another next week. I'll try to document that whole process.
I've been relearning life drawing and figured out a key thing a lot of my stuff has been missing and thats been 'force.' It definitely helps to get poses and other stuff, especially realizing curve and straight are opposites but will more than often than not work together. But it's always better late than never to learn something.

I should also focus heavily on networking. Get some new connects and advice on how to better my portfolio. I'll post to linkedin or something.

Monday, February 1, 2016

A drawing of an ant guy taking a hike

A drawing of an ant guy taking a hike, not the best thing ever, but it's a drawing.

Also, working on a short about a kid and a sheep fighting over a happy meal. I'm currently roughing out the boards, I should be done with the roughs tomorrow and then I'll clean up and get it out by thursday, hopefully.  I wonder if I could put a galler y I made in edge on blogger. I'll have to test that out when I'm done.