Saturday, February 27, 2016

A risky investment

So I bought a cintiq, very expensive investment but maybe it'll be worth it. I do work faster with cintiqs, and on my PC it runs very smooth. I have a TM2T but it would chug under stress if my photoshop files got to large, which would force me to chop them into pieces. But I'm loving the 13HD so far. Pressure is good, pen tilt is nice to have, and a third monitor is a nice bonus. I just need to do my best so I can pay this off and even out on the investment. Then from there keep working.

The price of this tablet though just makes me want to work on it constantly. I'm still trying to figure out a solid work flow, but it'll come. Deadlines are quickly approaching, and I need to finish atleast two storyboard projects I have. I might have to finish Pursuit, it might be worth while to do that on the cintiq. I dont know. Overall:
Also, I need to get to the strip again and draw people and places. I went the other day to Aria and Monte Carlo, but those casinos are super boring to draw and I lost 20 bucks to the slots. But I'll head out again maybe tomorrow, and try to draw the secret gardens at the mirage or go to the shark reef. Shark reef might have the biggest payoff. Or even the flamingos at Mirage. Then also draw more people. Start casino sketches over coffee sketches.

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